Short-run Variable Mass-customized Printing and Finishing Automation Software Solution

We help Print Service Providers meet the challenges of random and unpredictable product demands - easily, efficiently, and profitably.

Artificial Intelligence powered Production Printing Solutions

Using our Software Solutions, a Print Service Provider gains the ability to flexibly and rapidly respond to changing market conditions in the print industry for shorter mass customized print runs, faster product turnaround and improved production efficiency of products with lower page counts and increased complexity.

PDF Prepress Print and Finish Automation

Our Solutions are expert systems. The Solutions are specifically designed for non‐technical users who wants to very quickly turnaround, new shorter run jobs of variable length records. When these jobs are in unstructured flat-file PDFs, PSPs faces unique challenges if each record in it requires a JDF print ticket with unique print and finish print instructions; when job calls for variable impositions, variable media selections and variable subset finishing, record by record - in short when print buyer demands mass customized unique pieces.

Effortless VDP production enabled by intelligent automation methods offered by the Solutions boosts print volume; increases press utilization and profitability while substantially reducing prepress make-ready costs.

Automated Manufacturing

In less than 10 minutes, using the Solution's graphical user interface, a print shop operator can create a hot‐folder enabled workflow for new short run PDF print job with unique requirements for each variable record. The print shop can then receive thousands of similar dynamic VDP jobs as input, and for it, dynamically generate record specific varying JDF tickets with print and finish instructions for each variable record. JDF and PDF is then submitted to the Print Server for non-stop automatic production on the printing press.

Meeting Current and Future Challenges with Confidence, instead of...

Many short-runs of Brand promoting high-value customer data driven batch job outputs are in PDF files. For automated print production on a digital printing press, these flat PDF files generally do not contain critical information (Document Part structures) that identifies start and end of a chapter, record, set or subset.

For these types of jobs, PSPs may be forced to develop a custom program that can extract necessary information from PDF files - to dynamically generate unique JDF job tickets to meet unique production requirement of each subset, set, record or a chapter in the job.

JDF Ticket Programming

Automatic dynamic generation of variable JDF tickets requires deep knowledge of software engineering and expertise in XML programming. Many PSPs may not be skilled in the art of advanced XML programming and technical knowhow required to manipulate PDFs. This must have knowledge is necessary and essential to enable Short-run Variable Piece Mass-customized Printing and Finishing.

Shorter Runs

Even if a PSP has in-house knowhow to write programs or scripts to dynamically generate JDF job tickets, it takes many days, and weeks of many iterations and changes before custom solution starts producing desired output. In many cases, it takes more time to perfect custom script or program than time it takes to print the entire job.

Since Print Buyer knows size of the job and can easily estimate how long it takes to print a job, they may not be willing to wait days, and weeks for short run jobs and pay a premium for it. Heavy reliance on custom or legacy solutions reduces document production and profit.

No Coding Solutions for Non-technical Print Service Providers

A commercial printer's inability to master JDF may reduce competitive edge, service differentiation, and viability to stay in business. Even advances in digital inkjet printing technology cannot overcome hurdles created by the complex JDF programming framework. The Solution SmartPDFPrintware™ we offer to PSPs is an Artificial Intelligence powered all-in-one universal print workflow automation software solution. It eliminates all scripting, programming to automate production of high-value jobs in PDF in record time.

SmartPDFPrintware™ offers critical print workflow automation enabling capabilities that are currently not available in any other solution; the exact Automation Capabilities which are absolutely necessary and essential for faster turnaround of short‐run high-value mass customized jobs.

Ready to Run

B2BeDocuments™ Solutions are ready to run 24x7. It takes less than 10 minutes to setup most complex jobs. Hotfolder driven automation enables touchless lights out production. All enabled and managed by Non-technical individuals.

The Solution
For Now and the Future

SmartPDFPrintware™, a patented artificial intelligence powered, print prepress workflow automation software solution, enables automated flexible manufacturing of custom complex unique pieces on inkjet and toner sheet-fed and roll-fed digital production presses in minutes.

The deep knowledge base built into SmartPDFPrintware™ empowers Print Service Providers (PSP) to flexibly and rapidly respond to changing market conditions in the commercial print industry. It enables shorter print runs, faster product turnaround and improved production efficiency of products with lower page counts and increased complexity.

Powerful yet intuitive print automation methods, knowledge bases, rules bases, inference engines and anticipatory graphical user interfaces are all built into SmartPDFPrintware™. They are specifically designed to make it easy for non-technical users in small to large print shops to speedup new PDF job prepress setups for Custom Manufacturing of varying pieces, without any type of software engineering, programming or scripting.

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SmartPDFPrintware™ Automates Production on
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