Software Solution for Automating Short-Run Variable Mass-Customization Printing and Finishing

The software solution provides an automated process for print service providers to efficiently and profitably produce and finish mass-customized products with a short-run production cycle. It helps them meet the demands of unpredictable orders with ease.
Print Service Providers Gain Flexibility and Speed with Artificial Intelligence-Powered Solutions. This software solution allows providers to quickly respond to changing market conditions in the print industry, producing shorter customized runs, faster product turnaround, and improved production efficiency with lower page counts and increased complexity.

Maximizing Production Efficiency with AI-powered Printing Solutions

Print Service Providers now can use Artificial Intelligence powered Production Printing Solutions offered by B2BeDocuments™ to create shorter and customized print runs faster than ever before. This means that products can be created quickly, with higher quality and lower page counts. Plus, these solutions can help make production more efficient, saving time and money. Try it today and see the amazing results!

Unlock Increased Profitability and Efficiency in PDF Print Production with Automated Solutions for Non-Technical Users

Our Solutions offer an automated print and finish system designed for non-technical users in the print industry. It helps them quickly produce shorter run jobs with a variety of different print and finish instructions per record, as well as variable impositions, media selections, and subset finishing. This system increases press utilization, significantly reduces prepress make-ready costs, and boosts print volume, helping to improve the profitability of print service providers.

Streamline Short Run Print Jobs with Automated Manufacturing in Less Than 10 Minutes

This solution enables print shop operators to quickly create a hot-folder enabled workflow for new short run PDF print jobs with unique requirements for each record. Through this workflow, operators can receive thousands of similar dynamic PDF jobs as input and generate record specific JDF job tickets with correct print and finish instructions for each variable record. The JDF and PDF files are then submitted to the Print Server for automatic production on your Production Press.

Confidently Tackle Current and Future Challenges with our AI powered Software Solutions

Print service providers want to be able to confidently handle current and future challenges instead of feeling uncertain because they don't have the technical skills they need. Often, these challenges come in the form of PDF files with lots of different kinds of information and page layouts and page sizes. To use a digital printing press to produce these jobs, the PDF file does not contain information that indicates the beginning and end of each section, each record. If it doesn't, the print service providers must write a custom program that can extract the necessary information from the PDF file and use it to create unique JDF job tickets that will meet the production requirements of each section, each record.

Essential Technical Knowledge Required to Automate Dynamic Generation of Variable JDF Job Tickets

Automatic dynamic generation of variable JDF job tickets is a technical process that requires a lot of expertise in software engineering and XML programming. This means that many Print Service Providers (PSPs) may not have the necessary skills and knowledge to manipulate PDF files and make them suitable for short-run variable piece mass-customized printing and finishing automation. To do this, they need to have a lot of technical know-how.

Custom Solutions Can Delay Document Production and Reduce Profits

PSPs often rely on either manual makeready solution or custom developed solutions to generate JDF job tickets, but this can be time-consuming and costly, leading to long delays and unhappy customers.

Since Print Buyer knows size of the job and can easily estimate how long it takes to print a job, they may not be willing to wait days, and weeks for short run jobs and pay a premium for it. Heavy reliance on custom or legacy solutions reduces document production and profit.

Unlock the Potential of Digital Printing with SmartPDFPrintware™: AI-Powered Automation Solution for Non-technical Print Service Providers

JDF, or Job Definition Format, is a computer programming language used to create automated workflows for printing operations. Without a thorough understanding of this language, commercial printers may face difficulty competing in the market and providing differentiated services. To overcome this hurdle, we offer SmartPDFPrintware™, an all-in-one universal print workflow automation software solution powered by Artificial Intelligence. This eliminates the need for scripting and programming, allowing printers to produce high-value jobs in PDF in record time.

Automate Your Print Shop with B2BeDocuments™ Solutions - Fast Setup & Only Non-Technical Operators Needed!

B2BeDocuments™ Solutions are software programs designed to make it easier for print shops to manage their production operations. These solutions are ready to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so they can help you automate your processes and keep up with customer demand. Set up is simple and usually takes less than 10 minutes. Hotfolder driven automation means that you don't have to manually manage every job, which saves time and money. Even better, all the solutions are designed to be managed by non-technical operators, so you don't need to hire a technical expert to keep things running smoothly.

Smarter, Faster, More Flexible Custom Manufacturing with SmartPDFPrintware™ AI-Powered Prepress Automation Software

If you are looking for a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way to produce custom complex unique pieces, SmartPDFPrintware™ is the perfect solution for you.

SmartPDFPrintware™ is a patented artificial intelligence powered print prepress workflow automation software solution that enables automated flexible manufacturing of custom complex unique pieces on inkjet and toner sheet-fed and roll-fed digital production presses in minutes. The deep knowledge base built into SmartPDFPrintware™ empowers PSPs to quickly and flexibly respond to changing market conditions in the commercial print industry. SmartPDFPrintware™ also enables shorter print runs, faster product turnaround and improved production efficiency of products with lower page counts and increased complexity.

What makes SmartPDFPrintware™ so powerful is its intuitive print automation methods, knowledge bases, rules bases, inference engines and anticipatory graphical user interfaces. These are all specifically designed to make it easy for non-technical users in small to large print shops to speed up new PDF job prepress setups for custom manufacturing of varying pieces, without any type of software engineering, programming or scripting.

With SmartPDFPrintware™, PSPs can be sure that they are using the most advanced and efficient print prepress workflow automation software available. It will help you save time and money, while improving the quality of your products. Invest in SmartPDFPrintware™ today and watch your business reach the next level of success.

Some of the SmartPDFPrintware™ Users

Iwco Direct
Mail Guard
New York City Board Of Elections
ProNova BioPharma
Schneider Electric
Selective Insurance
Statistics Canada
Sunpower California
Valeant Pharma

SmartPDFPrintware™ Automates Production on

Konica Minolta


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