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SmartPDFPrintware™ Automates Production on
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PDF Flexible Manufacturing Automation

The PDF Prepress Print and Finish Automation

Our Solutions are Expert Automation Systems. These are specifically designed for non‐Technical users who want to turnaround, in minutes, new shorter run variable PDF jobs that requires for each dynamic record, JDF subset page programming for variable impositions, variable media selections and variable subset finishing.

Effortless variable piece production enabled by intelligent automation methods offered by the Solution boosts print volumes, increases press utilization and profitability while substantially reducing prepress costs.

JDF Job Tickets

Automated Manufacturing

Using the Solution's graphical user interface, a print shop operator can create a hot‐folder enabled workflow for new short run PDF print job with unique print and finish requirements for each variable record. The print shop can then receive thousands of similar dynamic variable production jobs as input, and for it, dynamically generate each record specific varying JDF tickets with unique print and finish instructions for each variable record. JDF and PDF then submitted to the Print Server for automatic production on the printing press.

B2BeDocuments Intelligent Print Workflow Automation

Automate Prepress, Printing & Finishing

Artificial Intelligence powered SmartPDFPrintware™ enables Commercial Print Service Providers and Corporate In-plants to differentiate, become more productive, profitable, and competitive

Patented Artificial Intelligence Powered Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Powerful knowledge base, intuitive print automation methods, anticipatory user interfaces, rules bases, inference engines and artificial intelligence capabilities are all designed, for the benefit of Non-technical Users, to reduce total amount of mental effort -cognitive load - that is required to configure complex variable workflow.

High Value Shorter Runs

Most in Demand

Automates error- production of high volumes of shorter-runs of unique differentiated personalized and customized printed communications

Evolving Print Industry Demands


As the demands on you the PSPs grows - tighter deadlines, shorter print runs, new applications - so does potential opportunities to increase profit and grow your business. Revolutionary SmartPDFPrintware™ emboldens you to accept virtually any job without hesitation; producing pieces cost-effectively for your clients and profitably for you.

Mass Customized Complex Unique Pieces

Brand Building

The future growth of digital print is in Brand building by small to large Enterprises. They want to leverage tactile feel of printed communication to drive growth with super targeted messages. Enterprises are trying to use customer data analytics & intelligence to drive sales, uplift demand, increase customer loyalty and the re-engagement of lapsed customers, to reward important customers; and to deliver long-term growth of the Brands.

Produce Lower Page Count Jobs Profitably

Higher Volumes

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands are trying to leverage power of print to build their customer base. They are finding that tactile feel of printed communication can effectively create an engaging experience, drive traffic, and increase the frequency of engagement. These data driven communications have lower page counts, however higher volumes

Impliment effortless Mass Customization

Custom Production

The Intelligent Solution’s mass customization manufacturing systems and methods support greater product variety and individualization. SmartPDFPrintware™ helps PSPs produce and deliver custom products rapidly while keeping costs at the mass-production level

Achieve Faster Turnaround of High Value jobs

Within 10 Minutes

No-coding, no-scripting, no-programming required to automate complex variable piece manufacturing using AI powered SmartPDFPrintware™. This makes possible faster turnaround of shorter production runs. SmartPDFPrintware™ dynamically generates unique JDF tickets with piece specific print and finish instructions for each varying product.

Respond Quickly in Fast Changing Print Industry

Responsive to Change

SmartPDFPrintware™ is designed to be scalable, extensible, flexible and responsive to current and future challenges and demands you are facing in fast changing print industry. You can count on us to help you keep up the future requirements.

Quickly Respond to gain competitive edge

Automation Methods

SmartPDFPrintware™ automation methods enables Non-technical Print Service Providers to compose most complex production rules without worrying about any scripting or any custom software engineering

No Scripting solutions for Non-technical Print Service Providers

Complex Jobs

Most of the prepress setup automation software solutions being offered today can only automate very limited types of simple jobs. These solutions cannot automate batch printing of customized variable products without custom scripting or one-off programming that could dynamically compose variable job/record specific JDF tickets.

No Programming solutions for Non-technical Print Service Providers

Dynamic JDF

It would take a very experienced software engineer, skilled in the art, many days and even weeks, and many iterations and changes before custom script based solution starts generating dynamic JDF tickets to manufacture desired printed & finished output. This option is not practical if it takes longer to develop a custom print program to produce the JDF ticket than time it takes to run the job on the press.

Increase Efficiency to produce and deliver jobs at profit

Production Efficiency

The deep knowledge base built into SmartPDFPrintware™ empowers you to flexibly and rapidly respond to changing market conditions. It enables shorter print runs, faster product turnaround and improved production efficiency of products with lower page counts and increased complexity.

Get ability to deliver Lower Count jobs at profit

Lower Counts

You can produce and deliver customized products rapidly while keeping costs at the mass-production level. SmartPDFPrintware’s mass customization manufacturing systems and methods support greater product variety and variable piece individualization

The Solution for small to large PSPs

Small to Large

Production of short-run Brand building unique printed products is what the solution SmartPDFPrintware™ automates effortlessly -- by empowering small to medium size Print Providers. The Solution enables a competitive manufacturing system that is flexible enough to respond to small batches of customer demand, and it keeps up with increased frequency of new product manufacturing requirements.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to compete and win

Expert System

Prepress, print and finish process automation expert system built into SmartPDFPrintware™ simulates the expertise and judgment in its code and methods 40+ years of production printing experience and specialized programming wisdom of a highly trained and tenured document production architect and software engineer. SmartPDFPrintware™ makes this expert knowledge available at the click of a mouse to non-technical users in print shops. Having SmartPDFPrintware™ provide this intelligence helps PSP address lack of in-house print workflow automation expertise and a lack of financial resources to pay for outside expertise.

Knowledge Base contains automation expertise developed over 40+ years

Human Expert

SmartPDFPrintware™ mimics a Human Expert’s knowledge, print automation problem solving logic, reasoning, and thought process that empowers the User to define conditional rule by associating a PDF property with print/finish production process and parameter. This enables complex customized dynamic print production automation.

Expert System is built on knowledge gained automating wide variety of jobs

Mimic Human Expert

SmartPDFPrintware™ provides inference capabilities similar to that of human experts in solving complex print workflow automation challenges. It guides User through prepress process steps, presenting choices for selection of print/finish parameters.

Fact Base presents information that operator can use to establish conditional rules for automation

PDF Data

When User opens a PDF file in SmartPDFPrintware™ Graphical User Interface, it populates User Interface with intrinsic PDF data - Facts - about the document. To define a conditional rule for variable production, User selects a PDF data (Fact) about the document/job and associates it with dynamic selection of a print/finish parameter. This enables for each variable record/document, dynamic generation of product specific variable JDF ticket thus enabling customized document production.

Inference Engine uses Facts to guide the operator thru' workflow configuration process

Guides the User

During Workflow Configuration, Inference engine acts as a environment controller and interacts with the user. Based on the User actions/selections/inputs in the Facts User Interface, it interacts with the knowledge base to formulate inferences and presents Anticipatory User Interfaces to move prepress process forward till the last step. It helps User define conditional rule to associate selected Control Value with print/finish parameter and adds it to the Rules Base; when all steps are completed – when all conditional rules are defined – the Rules are saved to an XML file – the Workflow Automation Configuration File.

Intelligent solution generates Dynamic JDF to automate most complex workflows

Dynamic Production

Dynamic JDF Tickets are essential for Mass Customized Variable Printed and Finished Piece Manufacturing Automation. User defined conditional rules drive SmartPDFPrintware™ to produce a variable JDF job ticket - by dynamically adding JDF Nodes to the JDF tree structure to describe all the production processes and material types the Job needs for automated production on digital printing press.

Patented Automation Methods automates 95% of workflows

Effortless Automation

SmartPDFPrintware™ automation methods are specifically designed for PSPs who cannot justify hiring workflow automation technology experts. Effortless variable dynamic production enabled by intelligent automation methods offered by SmartPDFPrintware™ boosts print volume, increases press utilization and profitability while substantially reducing prepress costs.

Rules Driven Print & Finish workflow automation

Dynamic Job Tickets

SmartPDFPrintware™ Artificial Intelligence Inference Engine Logic using the Job/PDF Data and User Defined Conditional Rules powers the dynamic generation of each variable product specific JDF tickets with print and finish instructions for your production printing system.

Intiutive User Interface is designed for Non-technical Print Service Provider

Easy to Master

SmartPDFPrintware™ offers intuitive easy to master user-friendly graphical user interface. It offers powerful easy-to-use PDF print workflow automation methods specially designed for use by a minimum skill technical person in a print shop.

Anticipatory User Interface presents popup prompts, windows to guide the operator

Anticipatory User Interface

SmartPDFPrintware™ Anticipatory User Interface guides the User through prepress processes by being one step ahead of the user. It uses artificial intelligence to present to the User choices to achieve final finished product objective.

Facts User Interface presents data extracted from the job

Facts User Interface

SmartPDFPrintware™ knowledge acquisition system populates the Fact (PDF data) User Interface with method specific current PDF intrinsic data. User selects the Fact (PDF data) in Fact User Interface to associate with print/finish parameter thereby helping them define a conditional rule for each process and each resource parameter, thus enabling job data-driven automated variable document production.

Intiutive Prompts guides Non-technical operator

Reduce Effort

SmartPDFPrintware™ design goal from day one is to reduce User’s cognitive (thinking / reasoning / remembering) load/burden by making forward chaining decisions on their behalf, presenting next step in prepress process. Less users have to think about what they need to do to achieve their goal, the more likely it is they will achieve it without outside help. Anticipatory Design ensures that users can define conditional rule for each prepress process step faster, saving them time and reduce product errors.

the Solution does not use any No Templates for automation

Secular Decline

Alternatives to SmartPDFPrintware™, such as manual job markup in a print driver; manual job markup at the print server; manual job setup in a make-ready solution; use of templates, pre-sets; manual composition of JDF ticket; custom script development, or custom print program development – are partly responsible for the Print Industry being in secular decline.

the Solution is Production Ready for use when installed

Production Ready

SmartPDFPrintware™ is delivered ready to run at your site; ready to automate production of your jobs on your Production Printing System.

Many times Return On Investment is guaranteed

Expertise & Intelligence

Print Buyers are not willing to wait days, and weeks for short run jobs and pay a premium for it. To remain viable in fiercely competitive environment, you want to produce short-runs quickly and easily. With ever decreasing margins, you cannot afford to employ software engineers just to develop one-off custom print programs for every new production job you receive. SmartPDFPrintware™ is the off-the-shelf solution that automates prepress processes in minutes, generating highest return on investment.

Unlimited Support is why B2BeDocuments is in business for more than 40 years

It's All Included!

We help you automate production of your PDF jobs on your Production Printing System. We offer unlimited support before, during and after the sales. Annual subscription includes upgrades and bug fixes.

Onsite Trial is the best way to judge how useful and beneficial SmartPDFPrintware is

Free 30-Day Trial

During 30-day onsite trial, we will help you automate your jobs on your Production Printing Systems.

Future Proof your Print Service business

Responsive & Flexible Framework

SmartPDFPrintware Knowledge Bases are highly extensible, easily updatable with new functionalities as needs arise and as newer knowledge is developed and acquired

Using SmartPDFPrintware ensures your Rapid Growth in competitive Print Industry

Rapid Growth

To stay ahead of fast-changing market, to fend off competition and to maintain sustained growth SmartPDFPrintware™ is a indisplasable automation solution for your business. It gives you real capabilities for newer ways of creating and penetrating markets.

SmartPDFPrintware enables you to Differentiate from the crowd

Strategic Investment

The print software is as important to you as your Production Printing System. Software enables you to get to new customers and automate your workflows, and to enable you to do more with less effort. Software is becoming your most strategic resource. You want to invest in the print software that will result in true differentiation of your print business. This is an important strategic consideration in a market where many commercial printers look alike (same equipment, same sales approach, and similar online tools). Think of differentiation as solving additional customer challenges with the print software that your competitors are not able to. This will build loyalty with you to drive competitive advantage and sustained growth for you.


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